About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Michelle and Amanda came together by chance.  They both have been in the Senior Care Industry for years.  Michelle is an RN with several years of experience. And Amanda has been on the compliance and legal side of things inside and outside facilities for years.  So it was a perfect match when the two of them met.  Almost immediately they realized that their skills put together are unmatched.  Since that day they have been helping seniors in all sorts of situations and transitions.  Using both of their experience to not only make sure that they find the best possible placement or solution they also know how to navigate difficult problems with creative solutions.  They listen, plan, create, and execute making them the number one go to in Spokane and Eastern WA.

Our Story

Amanda Witthauer

Michelle Stevens

My name is Amanda Witthauer.  I have been in the adult family home industry for over 15 years.

I have:

Owned an adult family home for almost 8 years(CHOW in 2015) I am familiar with RCW 70.128, WAC 388-76, RCW 70.129, WAC 388-112A, WAC 388-113, and RCW 74.34

Been a Certified Professional Guardian since 2009 familiar with RCW 11.88 and SOP 406

Have been nominated and appointed by the Supreme Court February 2015 to sit on the Guardianship board that regulates guardian I currently hold the application committee and the regulation committee(helping formulate and word laws, review proposed changes by the AG office help draft new upcoming laws like Uniform code 500)

Teach Adult Family Home Administrator course for the Spokane Community College

September 2009 consult with attorneys on cases that require expertise, have helped attorneys start full facility practices. Have provided expert witness reports, and have been hired to think like the other side prior to trial. Have done informative educational speeches for WHACA.

On my off time I love spending time with my family. I have 6 children and my husband of 20 years. We enjoy hiking, swimming, four wheeling, camping, and all things sports with the children. Our favorite sport is basketball and we have coached many children through AAU as well as traveling as a basketball team.

My name is Michelle Stevens.  I live in Eastern Washington, am married to a science teacher for the Oakesdale school district and we have four children ages 4 to 17.  I am a registered nurse and I have worked as a contracted registered nurse delegator for the state of Washington for over ten years.  I became a nurse twenty years ago and have owned my own delegation and education business since 2003.  I am a CPR/First Aid Instructor, am an approved DSHS community instructor and am the facility nurse for two assisted living facilities.  I love my job and feel so blessed to be able to serve clients and providers in adult family homes and assisted livings throughout Eastern and Central Washington.