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The impact of COVID 19 and how the landscape is changing for seniors

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

The impact of COVID 19 and how the landscape is changing for seniors

I recently attended a webinar because I wanted to know what was truly being seen in the emergency rooms with our seniors. What was the impact of COVID 19 and there were a few things that came out of that discussion.

  1. COVID 19 has really brought advanced planning back to the front of the stage

  2. 40% of US Covid deaths have been among seniors in longterm care facilities(Health Affairs, 11.9.2)

  3. 1 out of 3 Americans unexpectedly became caregivers overnight

  4. For those who were already caregivers before COVID, their hours increased by 9 hours per week on average

  5. Longterm care impairment occurs for 1 out of 3 survivors of severe COVID

  6. It can cause direct organ damage, heart attacks/failure, lung scarring

  7. It can affect the brain causing brain strokes, seizures, increased risk of developing Parkinson's or Alzheimer's

  8. Blood clots causing liver and kidney failure disease

  9. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

  10. New autoimmune disorder

  11. And the longterm effects are currently unknown

Things are changing and changing fast in the US. We are always talking about the medical side of things which are important but the isolation that is being felt is also important. It is hard to balance the two for our seniors. There are people who have been impacted in ways you wouldn't think of. An example a husband is taking care of his wife. They are getting by but he is the caregiver for her and is then having to take care of himself. He doesn't have the best health but he manages. One day he gets sick and ends up in the emergency room. He doesn't stabilize the quality of life that he had before. Meanwhile, the children have had to step up to take care of their mom and are also now making decisions for dad. Dad ends up needing care and they decided to take him home and do in-home care through an agency for the hours he needs. After three months and $30,000, they have no choice but to put Mom and Dad into a facility. This is a real situation that I have outlined above. Did you know 80% of people wish to die at home? But over 50% actually die in institutions? How could this have been different you ask? Mom and Dad could of preplanned and purchase Long term care insurance before they needed it. Then when Dad went to the hospital the children could have used the policy to pay for Mom's care and then Dad when he returned home. If done right, they could have stayed together and in their own home. There is a lot of variables to LTC insurance. If you are interested contact the people at turnkeyltc.com. And get a quote, this is an important part of planning that you don't want to miss.

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