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A fun activity for seniors

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

A fun activity for seniors

Travel Day As we age most of us have a dream of traveling some day in the future. But from talking to many seniors over the course of two decades health stops them from ever achieving this goal. I remember talking to an elderly woman one time named Constance. One of her biggest regrets was working all the time and never seeing Hawaii. It was something she planned on doing when she retired. As life had it, she got dementia in her early 50's and needed care by the time she was 60. Her facility life started in her 70's and traveling fell by the wayside as she aged. Sometimes it is just as important to have the conversations about what their hopes and aspirations were with our loved ones. As we or our loved ones age the focus primarily goes onto the medical side of things, or the financial side of things. But what about the dreams, goals, last wishes of an individual? The things they wanted to do and are on their bucket list per say? For Constance this travel day was the best thing for her soul. Traveling to Hawaii on the big projector The idea behind travel day is simple. Have your residents or your loved ones tell you the place they have always wanted to travel. And what would they have wanted to see during that travel? Once you have gathered that information there is a few ways to make travel day spectacular.

  1. Invite friends and family to travel day. Grand children are the best medicine and traveling and seeing new sights with grandma or grandpa can be a lasting experience on both the child and the aging senior.

  2. Use a big screen, or projector. Turn off the lights. Use the candle wax melts for the smell of Hawaii or whatever area you have chosen to travel too. Set up a fan so that as the helicopter travels by the waterfall you can feel the breeze in your hair, and smell the smells from Hawaii.

  3. Have every person coming bring a potluck dish of an authentic Hawaii dish that they have made at home, so that after you get done traveling you can then enjoy native Hawaii food.

  4. Decorate the house and the porch to look like Hawaii.

As our seniors age their curiosity, and wanting to experience things does not fade. And being stuck somewhere shouldn't stop them from doing things they always wanted to do. Remember the old saying where there is a will there is a way. Be creative. In this example I used Hawaii but it could be the great pyramids, the caves under Portland whatever it is I am sure there is something you can find to create that experience. Happy Travels! #seniors #travel #day #potluck #memories #fun #activities #elderly #stayhome Adult family home near me, senior care near me, senior living options, senior services spokane, senior service Dallas, senior living options, senior homes near me, adult family home

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