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Holiday Senior Outreach

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Holiday Senior Outreach

As we come close to the holiday season there will be several seniors that are spending the holidays alone. Although some of us can't imagine that. It is true. Last year I seen an elderly lady that posted in craigslist asking a family to adopt her for the holiday season. She said along the lines that she could be a great stand in grandma, would help cook and even bring gifts. She was lonely and wanted a family for the holidays. This is heartbreaking to say the least. So as we ramp up for the holiday I want everyone to think about the seniors in your life. And not just immediate seniors but also that little old lady that lost her husband last year that has no children or her kids are far away and she sits in the front of the church. Is there a senior that you know that doesn't have someone to spend the holidays with? Are you a senior networking group this would be a great mission to have secret Santa drop offs to elderly individuals that you know may be alone this holiday season. Invite them to the holiday feast. Drop off a plate of food. Call and check on them wish them a Merry Christmas. Send a card. Take your dog over to say hi, most people love animals and they are a fast pick me up. Leave a gift on their porch for them to find in the morning. If you are social distancing invite them to enjoy the holiday with your family via ZOOM. No one should be alone for the holidays, if you have extra room or extra time during this busy season please think of a senior that you might be able to make a difference for. And remember just because a loved one is in a facility doesn't mean they don't want to connect with you for the holidays. Often elderly people are forgotten once they are placed in a facility. We get busy with family life, and think they're fine there is people there and they are taken care of. They are fine, but no one in that facility will take the place of their family. They still need you and the traditions they are accustom too. #elderly #holidays #lonely #difference #santa #outreach #seniors #care #love #facility #placement #senior #searching #help #information #elder #mom #dad Adult family home near me, senior care near me, senior living options, senior services spokane, senior service Dallas, senior living options, senior homes near me, adult family home

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